How do I find an eco-friendly laptop?

You’re all-in on a sustainable way of life, reducing or even eliminating plastic usage, grow your own food, compost food scraps, and more, but what about the technology you use every day even to see this post? Is it green? Can you buy an eco-friendly laptop?

Before buying a new laptop go to Google and search by the company name and “environment” and it should appear on the first result of the environmental compromises made by that company. Actually, the leading companies selling eco-friendly laptops are Apple and HP.

These companies are leading by example. Although, some decisions made lots of controversy like the charger removal of the new iPhones by Apple.

They are always on the first result on Google

For example, I’m looking to buy a new MacBook and I’m not sure if Apple is an eco-friendly company. So I google for “Apple environment” and this page should also appear to you on the first result.

There Apple shows all their compromises to reduce their carbon footprint and work on clean energy across all the globe. This is huge for the biggest company in the world. Apple is leading by example and fortunately, other companies are following Apple’s example.

When looking for “HP environment” on Google, this PDF is the first result where HP explains all their work on working on clean energy from all their business. That’s lots of work because HP is everywhere, from governmental agencies to data centers to common user computers or even the last printer you used there’s a big probability it was from HP.

By doing this simple search on Google you will have a better notion of what that company is doing to be sustainable and to reduce its carbon footprint.

How do I know for sure companies are eco-friendly?

If this simple search isn’t enough for you, I have got a nice simple trick for you: you can go to the news section and read about that company’s last actions to help the environment and be sustainable.

Here you’ll have the sure you are buying from a company that is putting their money where their mouth is. There is no avail to speak to the world that I’m recycling and reducing plastic waste if I put all my trash in the same bin or if I use new plastic bags whenever I go to the groceries. That’s wrong!

In my opinion, we should lead by example and I’ve given these companies as an example because I truly believe in what they are doing for the environment and the results are in front of everybody’s eyes.

What is the most eco-friendly laptop?

The most environmentally friendly laptop money can buy is the laptop you already own. But not always this is a good option. You need something more potent, yours is giving you problems and you already tried everything. So it is nice to buy a new laptop when it’s time to buy a new one.

Sell or donate the laptop you have

Before you thinking of buying a new laptop, sell the one you already have. It may not suit your needs but can be useful to some kid or an older family member who doesn’t need so much processing power. By selling the laptop you own is a good way of making some money for the new one, you save money and the environment at the same time.


If your laptop is beyond the repair or if it doesn’t is useful to anybody, look locally for an e-waste center that will take your laptop to recycle and dispose of all the components in a responsible way. There are lots of toxic materials on computer components like mercury. By recycling, you’re also reducing the need to mine new raw materials like gold that is used on circuits.


I love this one! Your old laptop may not be powerful enough for your needs but can be used as a Plex server and now you have your own Netflix. Another great use for an old computer is to run old games, you can buy old games on GOG or use old disks you may have to cope with your gamer nostalgia.

What eco-friendly brands are recommended?

Fortunately there are lots of computer brands that are becoming more and more eco-friendly. Although, there are some companies that are really compromised in giving a clean experience. Those companies are:

  • Apple
  • HP
  • DELL

So, if you are on the market to buy a new laptop, any of these brands will be great for you and for the environment. I personally use and recommend Mac, but Mac is not for everyone and you may like Windows or Linux more, so Mac is a big no-no for you. Those laptops are true warriors and last for many years. My MacBook Pro is from 2015 and still runs like new and has all the most recent updates. The laptop I’ve had before this was also a MacBook from 2007 and it still works! I needed to buy a new one because it had no power for what I needed at the time. So as you can see I reused my old laptop.

HP and DELL are also great brands and I’ve read great things about DELL’s XPS line. They are great workhorses, have beautiful screens and long battery life. For work, I have an HP EliteBook and it is a great laptop for productivity, the keyboard is comfy and accurate, the battery lasts almost all day using for Office, Skype and browsing the web, nothing demanding too much power.

Independently the computer brand you choose, now you know how to search on the web if they are environmentally friendly and if they really do what they say. A laptop from any of these brands will suit your needs for sure and you are also buying from a company that is being more and more sustainable and voting with your wallet is a way you have to say those companies that you are environmentally friendly and that you support companies who also are environmentally friendly.


It’s great to know that big tech companies are getting more environmentally friendly and are using clean energy. But there’s a lot to do yet, the path is being traced but still needs to be walked by lots of companies. I believe that in a matter of 10 years technology will be greener and people will be more environmentally conscious about their purchases and that’s why I started this project: to sensibilize more people to reduce their carbon footprint and even to be carbon neutral in the near future.


Hi, I'm Sérgio and I'm passionate about saving the environment reducing my carbon footprint and making better choices. Here I will share some tips that I'm learning on my journey of having a way of live that is more sustainable.

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