I tried some solid shampoos for a month, here’s what I think

Solid shampoos are trending and getting more popular each day, but are they really worth it when comparing to other shampoos we use every day? Are they really that eco-friendly as they promise? I tried a bunch of solid, eco-friendly shampoos for a month each and I’ve some results to share

What I’ve bought?

  • Faith in Nature – Tea Tree Hand Made Soap (7€)
  • TruueMe – Hair Shampoo Bar (15€)
  • Boí Thermal – Natural Moisturizing Soap(7€)

What I used before? Head & Shoulders or Linic for Men, it really depended on availability, I tended to use always between one of those brands.

Please note: I’m sharing my experience with those brands, I bought all the shampoos with my own money and I was not paid by any brand to promote their products. All the content in this post is my own opinion.

I wanted to try solid shampoos for a long time, and at the end of summer, I decided to change things a bit on my hygiene and decided to go eco-friendly bit by bit. On my personal hygiene, I didn’t change anything to other brands different than what I was used to because I trusted and I liked the results I was getting until this summer. At the end of summer, I decided to give it a try and went to Amazon and bought three solid shampoos to try out.

The challenge was to use each one for at least a month so I could share better results. As you could see, on those three shampoos, only one was specific to hair, but for what the comments on Amazon said, I went for the other two as they said it could wash my hair.

First impressions

I received them all at the same time, on the same package. All the three shampoos smell good but what I liked the most was from Faith in Nature, it smells good but the smell is subtle, just the way I like. The runner up is Boí Thermal, smells incredibly good, but too strong for my taste. TruuMe has two soap bars, the smell is good, but a bit too strong in my opinion.


The three shampoos came in a nice paper packaging, although TruuMe bars were wrapped in plastic. Faith in Nature had the best one, fully recycled and recyclable cardboard and no varnish. Boí Thermal had mixed cardboard, both new and recycled.


Boí Thermal had the best design, the bar has that rustic look and flowers embodied, so it gives a nice look when someone comes over to your place. Faith in Nature has a more neutral look and TruuMe has two rounded soap bars, one yellowish and the other in red. Nothing special about these two brands.

How to use solid shampoo?

You can wash your hair in two ways:

1 – Apply the soap to your wet hands, and rub them together to create lather. Then apply it to your hair as a normal shampoo.
2 – Apply the soap directly to your hair, then wash normally as any other shampoo.
In the end, rinse off all the soap and enjoy your clean hair.

How was my experience?

Pretty normal, I think. I used both methods above and I had the same results. Once I have short hair, I applied the soap directly to my hair, and between all brands, this method was the method that created lots of foam when comparing to creating lather in my hands and then applying.

I always felt clean, and never had any problem with any brand. The only nitpick I have is with Boí Thermal. I think it is a bit too abrasive to use directly to your skin. But it cleans really well and has a long-lasting smell on your hair. 

My favorite solid shampoo on this batch was TruuMe because was the only one that was branded to really clean my hair, and my hair was always clean, and I noticed that with this brand my hair was stronger. I don’t know if it was a coincidence because of the weather outside, I used this brand in September so the weather was good. But I felt that with this TruuMe shampoo I had my hair in better condition.

Was it enough to change to solid shampoos forever?

Not yet. I liked all the solid shampoos, but my problem with TruuMe is that I didn’t like the packaging. It was the most expensive of the batch and it had plastic packaging. One thing I’m sure of, I won’t use any “normal” shampoo anytime soon. When these soaps end, I’ll try new brands and share with you my results about how they last in the long run.

So far, washing my hair every day, they lasted better than the 500 ml shampoo I used before. A package of 500 ml of shampoo lasted about one month and a half to two months. With one month of use, the soap bars are still at 3/4 at least, so I think that in the long run, a solid soap bar will last you about 4 to 6 months using daily having short hair. I can’t comment for someone who has long hair sorry, but I believe it will last longer also.

In conclusion

I created a small table to resume my experience with these solid shampoos:

Best PackagingBest SmellMost durable smellBest cleaning
Boí ThermalFaith in NatureFaith in NatureTruuMe

I really liked this experience, although I think I haven’t found a favorite one, so when I’m done with those bars, I’ll try new brands. So for now, I’m using TruuMe for my hair only, Faith in Nature for my body, and Boí Thermal to wash my hands. Exactly the way they were meant to be used.


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